I’m Reading This RIGHT NOW: “17 Books Every Woman Should Read When She’s 25, Because There Is Such A Thing As A Mid-20s Crisis” – Bustle

Um, I just love that Aisha Tyler is on this list. She is hilariously sharp and has an awesome podcast. Can you adopt a big sister?…



I’m Reading This RIGHT NOW: “If je ne suis pas Charlie, am I a bad person? Nuance gets lost in groupthink” – Roxane Gay, The Guardian

I find some of the work of Charlie Hebdo distasteful, because there is a preponderance of bigotry of all kinds in many of their cartoons’ sentiments. Still, my distaste should not dictate the work the magazine produces or anything else. The cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo – and writers and artists everywhere – should be able to express themselves and challenge authority without being murdered. Murder is not an acceptable consequence for anything. More

Yes. This.: “Today, I Am Not a Writer”

Sometimes, I don’t feel right calling myself a writer. I spend hours staring at my computer screen, watching television, flipping through various tabs, fucking around on Twitter, stretching my legs, getting a bottle of water, staring into the refrigerator, messing with my hair, refreshing my e-mail, staring at my phone wondering if it will ring. I daydream. I think about reading. I think about writing. I daydream. I watch more television. I mess around online more. Deadlines come and go. I start a new Word document. I accept new writing assignments even though I have too many I can’t fulfill. Book projects loom. I waste time. I waste time. I waste time.

– Roxane Gay