FML: Diets

Adventures of Lili

The top entry in my Notes app on my phone is 500. As in the number of calories I’ve eaten so far today. When it gets to 1000, I’m supposed to stop. Don’t ask me what happens if it gets to 1200.

Aaand now I’m passing a Mickey D’s. Do. Not. Tempt. Me. Devil.
:: Kids, stop reading this and go outside and run and play and develop a healthy body image while you still can. ::
So I ate cabbage and noodles all day but lounged around the apartment so I think they cancel each other out. I also did some squats, though, so………. Ay-yo!
I’m not sure what I think is going to happen when I get skinny, but I’m assuming at that I’ll point I’ll have enough money to afford a gym membership and can forgo these apartment exercises. As productive as I feel doing my lunges in…

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